Studiomie is a creative agency that stands for a fresh and unique approach to advice on colour, design and style.

Colour is a universal language everyone instinctively speaks and understands.
“Colour is simply energy. There are no good or bad colours; it is all a matter of how they are used."
Angela Wright
Studiomie gives tailor-made colour advice for private individuals and develops specific colour plans for architects and designers.

Studiomie is not connected to specific brands. Its independence enables us to find the right products that get full play in your story.
Design furniture, curtains, fabrics, vintage, carpets, lighting, accessories, floors, wallpaper, etc.   

Styling is the collective term for a variety of styling forms such as interior, architecture, graphics, fashion, etc.  Everything around us has been given a shape, a colour and a specific material. We all know what we like and don't like, but assembling and combining this causes doubts and concerns.

Studiomie aligns the space, materials, colours and shapes so one whole is formed. Instead of concerns you get rest, relaxation and time to enjoy a stylish interior aligned to your specific requirements.

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