Event space rental

Studiomie's front garden is a non-everyday party space. It is a combination of a cosy living room and an outdoor garden. Outside becomes inside and inside becomes outside. Hidden behind an industrial 18-metre façade is a gem that appeals to the imagination. It is a unique location in Ghent that offers several options for those who want to turn their party into something special. Those looking for a place to amaze are at the right address here. 

The conscious decision was made to design the front garden as basic as possible so it can be adapted for each event. This is why we do not have a fixed kitchen. It is assembled on the spot according to the needs of the organised party. For this we cooperate with fixed caterers who have a perfect idea of the possibilities of this specific festive space. 

The space is partly open and partly covered, enabling a variety of atmospheres. It can be used in good or bad weather, summer or winter. 

This openness unfortunately does not enable the organising of dance parties due to noise nuisance affecting our neighbours. 

The Studiomie party space is suitable for small-scale events such as
receptions / baby showers / stock sales / theatre tryouts, music / dinners / photoshoots

Max. standing capacity events: 100 people
Max. seating capacity sit down dinners: 50 people

Cost of hiring: 
Basic cost of hiring is €500 excl. VAT
Included: mood lighting, small furniture (sitting area with coffee tables), bar, toilet with soap and towels, electricity, water, clean-up
Not included: table hire, chair hire, accessories (flowers, candles) 

Your party can be fully customised and we are happy to draw up an offer for you.


Photo: Setting 'Gentse Feesten 2013'